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Dana Chenevert

Do you have a legal question? She can answer that. Dana Chenevert is your tax expert with over 25 years' experience and success, in and out of the courtroom.


In 1998, Ms. Chenevert started her career in the professional services industry and provided business consulting and tax compliance to a wide range of clientele. While working for two of the Big 4 Accounting Firms, large financial institutions, and telecom companies, she offered competent income and franchise tax advice to a variety of operations – from the “Mom and Pop” shop to the multinational, multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 company.

In 2013, Ms. Chenevert began her Child Welfare practice in the Massachusetts Juvenile Courts by representing parents and children in Care and Protection and Termination of Parental Rights cases. In 2015, she expanded her practice to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and currently handles matters that arise in the Probate and Family and US District Courts of Massachusetts, as well as from the Virginia state courts and the US District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia (misdemeanors).

Ms. Chenevert also provides legal counsel on a wide range of other issues, including warrants in debt, the preparation of federal and state income tax returns, resolution of federal income tax debt, credit counseling and debtors’ rights, and if needed, the tax implications of filing for bankruptcy.

When she is not fighting the good fight, mentoring, or training other attorneys, she is spending quality time with her very large, extended family or perfecting her tennis swing.

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